Program of Studies 2009



This course may be taken as a one-year course or in individual terms. As a whole the course provides an overview of some important clinical and contemporary issues in psychoanalysis which impact on practice and the status of psychoanalysis today. No previous experience is required.

Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Development

This is a one term lecture series to be held in Term 1 and runs for 6 weeks from 2 March – 6 April 2009. The lectures will be presented by different faculty staff and there will be an opportunity for discussion after each presentation.

Week 1:The Concept of Development in Psychoanalysis – Dr Thea van Hees
Week 2:Infancy – Mr Neil Alcorn
Week 3:The Perils of Latency – Ms Sally Young
Week 4:Adolescence – Mrs Margot Lynch
Week 5:Young adults – Mrs Mary O’Brien
Week 6:Love and Intimacy – Mr Tom O’Brien
Time:Monday 6.30pm – 8.00pm
Fees:$295 for the term
Venue:Conference Room, New Farm Clinic, Sargent Street, NEW FARM 4005

For enrolment and further information contact the coordinator:

Dr Thea van Hees or call 07 3832 1096


When the Body displaces the Mind

Primitive states of mind are more continuous with bodily experiences. Contemporary theories make this more comprehensible. This course will be a good introduction for the next term on Understanding Eating Disorders.

This is a one term course of 8 seminars to be held in Term 2.

Time:Monday 6.30pm – 8.00pm
Venue:Ballow Chambers, 121 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane 4000

For enrolment and further information contact the seminar leader:

Dr Thea van Hees or call 07 3832 1096


Understanding Eating disorders

This seminar is designed for clinicians working with people who are suffering from eating disorders. It aims to give a psychoanalytic understanding of the dynamics underpinning these complex and difficult behaviours. There will be opportunity for case discussion.

This is a one term course of 8 seminars to be held in Term 3.

Time:Monday 7.00pm – 8.30pm
Venue:Alexandra, 201 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane 4000

For enrolment and further information contact the seminar leader:

Mrs Margot Lynch or call 07 3832 1089


Reading Bion

Wilfred Bion(1892 – 1979) was a British Psychoanalyst whose work has been an important challenge to psychoanalysis. His insights have been taken up by psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, group therapists and thinkers throughout the world. The lecture will explore the life and times of WR Bion as background to his work and to outline the key concepts of his work. The 5 reading seminars to follow will explore key papers by Bion.

This is a one term course consisting of an introductory lecture and 5 reading seminars to be held in October and November in Term 4.

Time:Monday 6.30pm – 8.00pm
Venue:First Floor, 205 Boundary Street (cnr Vulture Street) Wets End 4101

For enrolment and further information contact the seminar leader:

Mr Tom O’Brien Tom.O’ or call 07 3844 5855


Infant Observation

This is a one or two year course of weekly seminars where participants bring detailed accounts of their weekly observations of an infant in his or her home environment from birth onwards. The course aims to develop observational skills and an understanding of the infant’s emerging relationships. This course is one of the best ways of learning about the observer’s own involvement in clinical situations.

This is an ongoing weekly seminar of 1 1/4 hours. Participants are expected to enrol for at least one year. There is no prerequisite for this course. There will be a maximum of 4 participants in this seminar.

Fees:$50 per seminar
Time:To be arranged with the seminar leader

For enrolment and further information contact the seminar leaders:

Margot Lynch or call 07 3832 1089
Janet Rhind or call 3832 559


erms correspond with school terms and are generally of 8 weeks duration:

For enrolment and further information contact the Coordinator of the seminar as shown in the program.

Post-Graduate Studies
Students may be eligible for credit towards the Master of Mental Health – Psychotherapy, The University of Queensland upon satisfactory completion of Theoretical seminars offered by the BCPS.

Professional Training Programs
Students may satisfy the theoretical components of psychotherapy training programs offered through the Queensland Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Association and the Australian Association of Group Psychotherapists, through satisfactory completion of appropriate Theoretical Seminars and Infant Observation Seminars.

Continuing Professional Education
We are able to supply confirmation of attendance at lectures and seminars for Continuing Professional Education purposes.


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