The Brisbane Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies

Psychoanalysis has enormously influenced our understanding of psychological processes and has given birth to many different elaborations of Freud’s original theories and to varied forms of treatment. The clinical practice of treating patients belongs to trained practitioners but, as a theory of the mind, anyone who is interested enough can have access to it. It was in this spirit, at the point of confluence of clinical and theoretical practice, that the Brisbane Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies was established.

"One must try to learn something from every experience.

The BCPS offers seminars of both a practical and theoretical nature to teachers, social workers, psychiatrists, general practitioners, nurses, psychologists and others in the helping professions. Some of the courses offered are open to others who are interested in the contributions of psychoanalysis to modern thinking.

The BCPS operates independently as a non-profit educational body to promote the development of psychoanalytic thinking and its application in clinical and other disciplines.

The BCPS was founded by Gregorio Kohon and Valli Shaio Kohon in 1988. Since their return to London in December 1994, the BCPS has been run by a small group of psychotherapists from Brisbane.

The Brisbane Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies is currently run by:

Director of Studies

Dr Thea van Hees


Mrs Margot Lynch


Mrs Mary O’Brien


Mr Tom O’Brien


Ms Sigrid O’Callaghan


Ms Bernadette Rosbrook


Dr Jaime Yasky


Ms Sally Young